Business Services

Most businesses fail for one reason: They didn’t track or didn’t understand their financial reports.

The fundamentals of cash flow, purchasing, and budgeting are often neglected as we go about the daily business of running our business.

That’s why it helps to have a financial partner to keep you on track.

Here’s a three-step process that can help you achieve great things with your business:

1. Start with a business performance review by taking a look at your business’s trends and determine the state of your business.

2. Assess your business’s profit improvement potential and together with your CPA, develop realistic, worthwhile targets.

3. Monitor your financials on a regular basis to make sure what you planned would happen is happening. And make adjustments as market conditions change.

Upstate CPAs is the perfect partner to help you get started with solid financial planning and to be at your side to help you review and understand it throughout the year.

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Services Available

Accounting and Payroll

Keep track of your performance during the year with a monthly reporting package. We can help you decide which level of service and oversight is appropriate.

Business Projects

Special business projects start with a problem and end with a result. Call today to see if small changes can create big results in your business.

Compilations, Reviews and Audits

Monthly, quarterly or annual compilations. We can review financial statements and audits.

Financial Projections

Look out into the future and document a target worth shooting toward. Most small businesses do not project income and create a complimentary budget. They tend to compare current year to prior year to assess performance. Set higher goals, stay on track and make changes to impact performance.

Tax Preparation

The tax laws and requirements can be very overwhelming. Whether you are a sole proprietorship, a C Corp, S Corp, LLC or partnership, we prepare all the necessary forms so you can comply with the taxing authorities.

Business Coaching

Behind great athletes, entertainers and business executives are great coaches. Coaches are often found where high performance is a must. What makes your business any different? Contact us for an initial meeting to see the benefits of having a business coach.